“The President wants to begin a new phase in order to keep improving and to lay a solid foundation”

The team of professionals in charge of advising the President and Board of Directors held a press conference, in which adviser, Mr. Pedro González Segura explains the intention to gradually implement a series of changes within the organisation.


30/11/2015 14:40

The team of advisers to the Board of Directors, headed up by Mr. Pedro González Segura, and accompanied by Mr. Javier Pinto, Mr. Luis Jiménez and Mr. Ángel Lara, held a press conference to explain that they will be responsible for conducting “comprehensive advisory work, with the objective of implementing all the changes that have already been planned and undertaking them gradually.”

Pedro González Segura explains that “last Saturday, Málaga CF’s Board of Directors decided to terminate the employment relationship with Mr. Vicente Casado, whose role was general management tasks.  The principal reason for this was due to a loss of confidence following a series of actions carried out by him without prior knowledge and express authorisation from the Board of Directors and the President, who understand that this has caused serious damage to Málaga CF.”

“In recent years there have been certain increases in salary remuneration on the part of the management team at the Club, which the Board considers exorbitant, and which were carried out without the Board’s knowledge or authorisation.”

“Another issue, going back to last Christmas, relates to the sale of the financial rights of some of Málaga CF’s most important players: Castillejo, Camacho and Sergi Darder, to a company established in Panama represented by a Venezuelan man, within circumstances that were unknown and unauthorised by the President.”

Pedro González informs that the President “understands that these operations and contracts included certain conditions relating to a value well below the market price, which were damaging to Málaga CF both financially and from a sporting aspect.  They also breached FIFA regulations in relation to the rules surrounding the transfer of players.”

“All told, the President wishes to apologise to the fans and ask their forgiveness, although he was unaware of many facts and feels somewhat cheated, but as a moral responsibility he wants to begin a new, better phase, learning rom past mistakes.  In this respect, his intention is to take charge of the project, with the help of all the employees and everyone who makes up the Club, for whom he thanks for their daily work, in order to begin working with the advice of the professionals, so Málaga CF keeps improving and in order to lay a solid foundation.”