The MCF School, the birthplace of football and Blue and White Values

From the ‘Babies’ category at 4 or 5 years of age, until age 13 with the Infantiles. More than 500 young Malaguistas are trained at the MCF School and acquire the necessary technical-tactical knowledge to become a footballer with Málaga CF’s values.


12/09/2019 17:52

The start of another year for the MCF School, which continues to grow and now has more than 500 young Malaguistas eager to learn the rules of football, always accompanied by Blue and White Values.

The youngest students, those belonging to the ‘Babies’ category, start to wear the Málaga CF shield at 4 years old, and go on to reach the Infantil category at 13. In total, there are 35 teams divided into male and female categories, 7-a-side and 11-a-side.

“Things are being done well, which is why we always have so many boys and girls, and even have a waiting list. The aim is to have a small school based on the Malaguista feeling”, explains deputy director of the MCF School, Raúl Iznata to MCFTV.

The coaches at the school instil the values and good habits of football and make the little ones true Blue and white ‘stars’ with a bright future ahead of them.

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27/05/2021 18:42 | Málaga CF Foundation

Final ‘Academy of Values’ course

The sixth and final ‘Academy of Values’ took place on Tuesday 25th May, remotely, at La Rosaleda. The ambassadors were Goitia, Josemi and Iznata, former Malaguista players and Club staff within different departments.