The MBC and CIT Marbella connect at La Rosaleda

Both business groups joined together for a day of networking at the Malaguista stadium and attended a presentation by the director of Global Sportainment, Antonio Lacasa, on the subject of Sports Sponsorship.


14/02/2018 16:37

On Tuesday this week, The MBC invited the conglomerate of companies, ‘CIT Marbella’ to La Rosaleda to strengthen ties amongst its members. The Business School and University, ESIC, and the Málaga Confederation of Entrepreneurs actively collaborated in the initiative, bringing together nearly a hundred companies. Their representatives enjoyed a tour of the stadium and exchanged contact details during the initial stages of the event.

Later on in the proceedings, director and CEO of Global SportainmentAntonio Lacasa, addressed all those present in the ‘Juan Cortés’ press room at the Blue and Whites’ stadium with a presentation on Sports Sponsorship and its effectiveness. Lacasa is an expert in the field, as his company has spent years developing work as a consultant in strategic plans to exploit the brand. All the businesspeople in attendance were very satisfied with all the points made.

An extremely fruitful day, in which The MBC and CIT Marbella came together to share experiences on Sports Marketing.

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