The Club reminds fans of sanctions imposed by the Anti-violence Commission for pitch invading

Fans who invade the pitch will be faced with a fine of 3.500 euros, and be prohibited from entering a football ground for a set period of time.


19/05/2017 14:49

Against the risk of pitch invasions during the Málaga CF – Real Madrid CF match, the Club reminds fans that tough sanctions will be imposed via the Anti-violence Commission if they run on to the pitch during the match celebrations, as well as before or after the game. In addition, the Club can also be sanctioned, with a fine of up to 12,000 euros.

Fans who do no respect the rules will face a penalty of 3.500 euros and a ban on entering any football stadium during a six-month period. Furthermore, should they be a Málaga CF season ticket holder, the Club will proceed to withdraw the membership card.