The Alevín give a lesson in fair play

The Alevín A of Málaga CF, who participated in the Costa de la Luz Tournament, stopped the match that was being played to turn their backs on a dispute in the stands.


17/06/2019 14:30

At the MCF Academy hundreds of players are trained in order that tomorrow they are great players, but, above all, Málaga CF teaches its young players the need for fair play and to be good people, integrity and values, or put it simply: the values of the Blue and Whites. That's why, when last Sunday, in a game that our Alevín A faced against Sporting Clube de Portugal, there was an argument in the stands, the coaching staff and all the players turned their backs on the fans and later indicated that this was not the way things work.

It all happened in the semifinals of the Costa de la Luz Tournament. In a tense encounter, a father of the rival team rebuked one of our players, which started a small discussion between both parties, which soon ended when the entire Blue and Whites squad showed clear signs of disapproval. The match ended without any incident, with cordiality and with both fans apologising.

This isolated fact has to stay just that: an anecdote. Because the relatives of all MCF Academy players always show exemplary behaviour. The Club itself insists on the importance of giving a good image and for this reason Málaga CF has a protocol and a psychology department that is in continuous contact with children and parents so that everyone has an irreproachable behaviour.


Results of the tournaments

Costa de la Luz Tournament

Málaga CF attended this tournament played in Punta Umbría with three teams; Prebenjamín, Benjamín and Alevín. The first could not pass quarters after falling to Levante UD (0-2). The Benjamins fell in the same round as the younger ones after losing on penalties against Real Oviedo. However, the older ones, Alevín A, became champions of the tournament after being unbeaten the group stage, beating Villarreal in the second round (2-0), Oviedo in the quarterfinals (2-1), Sporting de Portugal in semis and Real Betis in the final (3-0).

San Vicente Cup Tournament

Two teams played this tournament. The 2010 Benjamín had to settle for the bronze medal after a magnificent tournament. The Hércules attempted for Málaga CF to get a pass to the final, but in the match for the third place the Blue and White were hit with penalties to Murcia. For its part, the Alevín remained a step away from winning the tournament after falling in the final against Real Betis. Before the grand final, they beat FK. Nihzny Novgorod and Ciudad de Alcoy in groups, to the Cuidad de Benidorm in the quarters and back to the FK. Nihzny Novgorod on penalties in the semis.

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The Club is further committed to its youth ranks with a complete re-structuring focusing on the youngest players, communication with their parents and first-rate medical services for all teams. Manolo Gaspar and Sergio Paulo Barbosa ‘Duda’ are heading up the project.