Six new additions to the Blue and White line-up

Víctor Sánchez del Amo has announced the list of called-up players for #MálagaLasPalmas. Cifuentes and reserve team goalkeeper, Kellyan, together with Rolón, Mikel, Juanpi and Keko are new to the line-up.


23/08/2019 13:38

The list of 18 called-up Málaga CF players: Munir, Diego Glez., Boulahroud, Juankar, Adrián, R. Santos, Cifuentes, Rolón (14), Mikel (15), Juanpi (16), Keko Gontán (20), Pacheco, Hugo, Ismael, Ramón, Luis Muñoz, K. Bare and Kellyan.

In respect to last week’s league debut in Santander, non-physically fit Luis Hernández and Lombán are not in this line-up, along with homegrown players Hicham, Iván Jaime, Cristo and Gonzalo.

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16/01/2020 13:32 | List of called-up players

Diego and Kellyan return to the line-up

Sergio Pellicer has announced the 19 called-up players for #FuenlaMálaga. Diego González returns after his one-match ban, and reserve team goalkeeper, Kellyan is also back in the Blue and White line-up.