Roberto Rosales ends ‘Blue and Whites’ Values’ for 2016

The Malaguista winger attended Julio Caro Baroja School in Guadalmar, along with the Málaga CF Foundation, to convey healthy lifestyle habits amongst the students.


28/11/2016 18:01

‘Blue and Whites’ Values’ end 2016 with Roberto Rosales as flag-bearer.  The defender visited Guadalmar to talk to over 80 pupils at the Julio Caro Baroja school.

The player, who was accompanied by member of the MCF Foundation’s Social Department, Sebastián Fernandez Reyes, ‘Basti’; the coordinator and coach of Málaga CF femenino, Raúl Iznata, and Juan Carlos Barroso from the ‘la Caixa’ Banking Foundation, enjoyed a pleasant chat with the young schoolchildren, who showed great interest in the advice given by the footballer.

The ‘Blue and Whites’ Values’ campaign, which tours schools in the city promoting healthy habits in sport, comes to an end until 2017.  The MCF Foundation is already preparing the forthcoming events for when the campaign returns.

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