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Press conference

Pellicer: “We’re ready to give more”

The Málaga CF coach held a press conference ahead of the match against Linares Deportivo. “The finish line is nine kilometres away, we have to do a good final sprint and fight to the max,” he stated.

The rival – Linares Deportivo

“We remember the first leg clash, but the coach has changed. Out of the last eight games they have won four. Away from home they lost against Algeciras in the last play. They try to play a very long game and make their rivals feel uncomfortable. We have to propose the different structures that will take place. It will be a difficult game, but we want to show what we’ve been doing in the last matches at La Rosaleda, with the energy and being strong in continuity throughout. We must be ourselves and give more in return for the fans’ support, we want to make them happy.”

Opportunity for the entire team

“We considered many options, that's what the squad is for. There are players who have been in a good moment, then unexpected absences arrive, and we have to take advantage of those moments. In the remaining nine games there’ll be chances for everyone. You have to be more alert when you are in a good moment. I believe a great deal in the day to day and invisible training. When given the chance, the pitch doesn't deceive. We have to make many adjustments, as we have many possibilities. We have Kevin and Dioni back, who eliminate rivals, they are going to give us a lot of dynamism in the starting-11 and in the substitutions.”

A consistent season

“Fresh legs and a clear mind. Teams have their states of form, we are being consistent. We’ve just had a draw and now we have the demand to win. Those of us who are there are making great stats, we have to focus on ourselves. I'm concerned about the next game as it's hard to win and there are small details that make the difference. We have to give more for those fans, we are nine kilometres away, the goal is not yet visible but we’re getting closer. We have to do a good final sprint and fight to the max.”

Give a bit more

“I would like to be closer, the team is achieving good numbers. We know our demands and responsibility. There are two ways to reach the goal, the direct one and another situation. The first thing we have to do is look at ourselves. We’re ready to give more.”