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Pellicer: “We have to boost our consistency”

The Málaga CF coach appeared before the media this Friday ahead of the match in Alcoy. “It’s a challenge and it won’t be easy, but I see the team well and committed,” he said.

Condolences for the victims of the fire in Valencia

“I send my deepest condolences to everyone in Valencia for everything that happened yesterday. All our support goes out to the people affected, I’m from there and it was a very sad day.”

Alcoyano and Roberto’s absence

“Despite the last defeat at home against Murcia, they won in Melilla. It's going to take us to a different game than Recre, with a lot of set pieces, second plays and contact, and we have to acclimatise as quickly as possible. We have to adjust the same level of intensity and pressure with them, as they are a very aggressive team and are very clear about what they’re playing for. They are having a good season, they’re not struggling and if they achieve two or three victories they can look higher up the table. It’ll be a very complicated match in which we have to show the same level of intensity, try to play our football and ensure our quality is reflected on the pitch. Roberto is a player who was a project and now is a reality. We don't have to be disappointed or complain, other teammates will step up. He needs our support, it's a minor injury and we hope he progresses well. Now we must look for solutions, that's what the squad is for. Performance is marked on the pitch.”

Gradual return of Juanpe and Sangalli

“Roberto is not in the squad list whilst Aarón is. Juanpe and Luca have been cleared medically, but they’re not ready for competition. They’re not able to help us now, I prefer that they remain working at a specific level and start a clean week. They are coming from a break, they are important players and next week they will be available to fight to get into the squad. If there are no injuries, it’s tough to get into the team.”

Bringing continuity to the Recre game

“The other day we played one of our most consistent matches and now we have to do the same outside of La Rosaleda. In the first round we were very comfortable away from home, but after Christmas we didn’t adjust to compete in the way we did. It’s a very important moment to bring continuity. This will be a different match due to the rival, the dimensions, the aggressiveness and we have to find the spaces, be strong defensively and in individual duels.”

Keep improving

“We have to increase the level of continuity. We have to have the same respect as against a top team, because in the next game, against Ibiza, we know what awaits us. I prepare the game the same because that’s the way forward. Playing like the other day, we may not be able to beat Alcoyano, we have to improve in other aspects and player profile.”

Morale is high

“We have to continue on and keep our motivation high. It has to be the same as when Ibiza comes here. It's a challenge, in the first round they beat us in the worst first half of a match in terms of continuity. It's not going to be easy, I see the boys doing well in their day-to-day work, and they’re committed, I'm happy.”