Pellicer: “There’s joy and competitiveness in the dressing room”

The Málaga CF coach held a press conference this Friday in the 'Juan Cortés' Press Room at La Rosaleda. The coach analysed the preview of the matchday 23 fixture against UD Melilla on Sunday at 12:00 at Estadio Álvarez Claro. “It's going to be very tough, we’re going to have to work hard,” he said.

“It’s a very important match. They deserve more points than they have achieved and they’ve reinforced the team. They have two faces, one at home and one away. In the last three games they have achieved two victories, against Ceuta and Linares, and a draw against Murcia. The standings don’t show how well they’re doing. They have strengthened themselves and are determined to get out of that situation.
We’ll have to acclimatize. They are aggressive, we’re going to have to work hard, it's going to be very tough. This is a match where we’ll need to compete to win. Let no one think that it will be easy because of the standings, I see it as very important due to where we are in the calendar and to continue with the positive run of results.”
Team morale
“For me the most important thing is the players, who have to have self-esteem and confidence. If they have this, we’ll see it on the pitch and in the results. We’ve entered the category well, however we lack continuity and the best is yet to come. We have to accumulate victories thinking about the next game, which will give us more confidence and more energy. The best is yet to come, we have to be prepared and move the fans.”

Getting the match off to a good start
“It will be very important to get ahead on the scoreboard. We are one of those teams with the greatest ability to react, but we have to start the games better. We are strong outside our stadium, the stats show this, but we cannot be distracted for even a tenth of a second. Against us everyone has a boost for what we represent, it’s going to be a game of great intensity and all about the small details. We have to know how to compete at that stadium.”
Healthy environment is crucial
“The key is tension, self-esteem, training with energy and good spirits. I think the lads are doing well, things are flowing and there’s a good atmosphere. The key is that there is joy and competitiveness in the dressing room. I have five central defenders, they all deserve to play. It’s a position that I give as an example, everyone will have their opportunity. It’s also a credit to the coaching staff that they create a good atmosphere.”

Everything to be decided in the standings
“Football takes many turns. We have to continue insisting, there are teams that are going to fall and we have to make sure we’re not one of them and improve. The points are there for the taking and we have to arrive in the best conditions in the last stretch of the season and see what we can fight for. I am very cautious, the playoff and direct promotion cannot be taken for granted. We have to take each day at a time, if you think you’ve already achieved something, it puts you in your place. The key is humility.”