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Press conference

Pellicer: “There are things to improve, but I have great trust in this team”

The Málaga CF coach held a press conference after the draw with AD Ceuta FC (1-1). “It is important to have a clear mind and know the way forward: to win and compete,” he said.

A very even match

“It was a playoff game, because of how the rival is. A very even match, with situations for both teams. We started out well, except in one action. The goal arrived from a set piece action on the second play. The team didn’t give up. The second half was more back and forth, we recovered the ball and we needed to filter the last pass. Alfonso had a brutal action and we had the last one. They are small details that we have to follow. I’m happy with everyone and there comes a time when we all have to increase the level in the day-to-day training.”

Details to improve for the final stretch

“We’ve come from three draws. Today we had situations, and so did they. In the first half we needed to improve our finishing, as we moved the ball well to the last zone. We have to have more peace of mind, it’s a struggle. We made several arrivals but lacked the finish. We have to continue insisting and seeking improvement. It has to be the key, stay focused on continuing to improve all aspects. The team is supportive. It makes me very angry as the match wasn’t complete to win the three points considering the event and what it entailed. I have to congratulate the players for the effort they made, in the last 10 minutes they put pressure on us, and we were able to react. It’s a playoff game because of the rival and the scenario, and is a good test for what’s to come.”

Seven matches to compete to the max

“We have to be aware that we have 58 points in 31 games, we would have signed it at the beginning of the season. Now we must look for encouragement in each game, many things can happen. If Jokin had scored, and Roberto the other day, we would have four more points. There is a rival that is stratospheric and we have a team nine points away. We have to continue competing in the seven remaining matches, we are tough and have to continue being consistent. It is important to have a clear mind and know the way forward: to win and compete. We have to finish as well as possible, securing the position and then we know what the objective is.”

La Rosaleda, setting an example once again

“The fans are far above everything, the category and what they are experiencing. In the First Division I haven’t seen this atmosphere, a feeling is being generated in which we have a lot of responsibility. That is the demand, because these people are the ones who accompany us and support us. I understand that they’re angry because the team didn’t win. No matter what happens, we are going to give our best to achieve the goal. The thing about the fans is something that escapes any praise.”

Maximum demand and hard work

“The weight we carry of the Club and its history is demanding. This is a new, young squad, we have experience from this season. The team went to push forward, we conceded the goal and a team without a goal doesn’t go level and generate the last chance. There are many things to improve, but there are two things that cannot be negotiated: loyalty to your work and effort. I have great trust in this team.”