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Press conference

Pellicer: “One point isn’t enough; the obligation was to win”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference after the draw with Linares Deportivo. “The attitude is there but we have to be more organised and calmer,” he commented.

Insufficient point

“It was our worst first half. It's not a question of attitude, but of being a tenth of a second late. They are the fourth best team in the second round, they compete and know what’s at stake. We didn’t pay attention, I was surprised and said this at half-time. It shocks me because they had a good week, we were focused to pay attention to the game. In the second half, as a result of the changes, it was a more open match. We played longer with the risk of them scoring a second, but we wanted there to be spaces. Ramón gave us clarity by crossing lines through association with his teammates. I'm not leaving happy, people came to see the match in the rain and we should have had a different situation."

The team always wants to win

“We have the obligation to win, one point isn’t enough. If they had continued like in the first half, we could have lost, but we came out alive. If they give us a life, we continue; but the obligation was to achieve victory.”

Ramón is back

“He entered a difficult match context and gave us that pause to position ourselves and start attacking. It was difficult for him to get in, but he made sense of all the balls that passed through him. His return is great news, he performed at a good level despite the result.”

Objective: be the best team of the second round

“In Algeciras we tied and the other day we beat Intercity 1-0. We are the second best team in the second round along with Ceuta, Córdoba is the first. We have to increase the level because we want to be the best in the second round. We have to continue improving. Now we need to focus on looking for new ideas and performances, forget about the noise. This is the most important stage, there are eight games left, then there may be more. We have to give our best for the people and everything we represent. Everything we are transmitting during the season is very difficult and could soon be lost. The attitude is there but we have to be more organised and calmer.”

Increase the level for the final stage

“It’s not a question of attitude, we are people and they are situations of attention and concentration. The rival approached our area the most. It’s a matter of attention. Two throw-ins give you a chance to score and that cannot be. It’s about talking and being active, but not of attitude. We all have to raise the level, that’s the way forward. We are in one of the most important years in the history of Málaga, we all have to give our best. We have not been attentive, yet we are one of the best in terms of attitude.”

The decisive phase

“With eight matches left, we are at an important moment. The best is yet to come, and we must be prepared. May we all be focused and move in the same direction.”