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Press conference

Pellicer: “At La Rosaleda people spur us on; “we have to make the most of it”

The Malaguista coach held a press conference before the match against Nàstic. “If we have the ability to insist after a mistake, we’ll be closer. We’ll try to manage the small details well,” he said.

Determination for the final

“This is a very important moment for everyone and we have to face it as we did in the last round, with a lot of determination. We’re up against another team profile, and we are focused on the first final, with our people, our tribe with a common good. Everyone enjoyed the last game. The last hurdle remains to achieve that dream.”

Take advantage of the ‘La Rosaleda factor’

“A league game has nothing to do with a playoff game. We are the two teams with the fewest goals conceded in each group. It will be defined by small details, it is a different team profile than Celta B. We are going to face it as a first final, it is very important to do well and be strong in front of our people. At La Rosaleda we have a sudden increase in the pace of the game and we have to take advantage of it. People push us and we have fights, there we have to be very precise. That's going to be the key. I have seen both of their matches live, we have the video analysis, the big data and the eye of the live game. We have to stay focused so that the first final is on our side.”

Calm and insistence

“It will depend a lot on the pressure and emotional state. At Balaídos we knew how to stay calm when we conceded and the other day we were nervous in the 20 minutes after their goal. The minutes after the damage is when you have to be calmer, organise yourself and continue with the game plan. Football is about moments, the players too, about form and how to transmit. Each play is the most important. When it's over, I forget about it and move on to the next one. If we have the ability to insist after a mistake, we’ll be closer. We are going to try to manage the small details well, with football and emotional idea. We arrive well on a physical level.”

Players with passion

“Yesterday they trained very well, today we had specific groups very well and tomorrow afternoon they are going to fly. The most important thing is the entire squad, that everyone is at their best as this is what will define the tie. With energy, by being daring and with determination. This is time for players with passion as we’ll be closer to doing important things.”

Concentration and pace for the first game

“We are focused on this match, we know that it is a two-legged tie. Yesterday we had an example of two teams from the category in which we want to be. We have to stay very focused, it can be decided at any time. At our stadium we have to be strong and go for victory. How the actions progress will greatly affect us. We have to maintain a high pace, remain concentrated after losses and set pieces. If we set a high pace, the playoffs begin at minute 70. With determination and from the first moment we will look for the match.”

Nàstic de Tarragona: a solid and serious rival

“They are a solid team, organised in attack and defence. They are more direct in attack, they handle set pieces well and are well organised defensively, but they have their weak points. We have to look for that fragility, it is going to be a totally different battle than Celta's. I expect a game with little rhythm, we want the opposite. We want things to happen here at La Rosaleda. The more that happens, the closer we are to winning, as we saw the other day. They will want a slower game, because the second leg will be another story.”

A united and committed group

“They are all important. I don't like 'bench players' because they are solutions, not substitutes. The winning teams are full squads. When you create a hard core you know they have their personal problems. Being a tribe is the key to the group. When a teammate fails, we support them and occupy their spaces. It’s a collective feeling, away from egos. The team is showing this.”