Official statement

Málaga CF would like to state:

Last Saturday we experienced one of the darkest days in our history. The painful outcome of the season, ending in relegation, is heart-breaking for the Entity and its fans.

Displays of disapproval and anger are understandable and respectable. When a feeling is so pure, it is natural that the unrest is manifested, always with respect and in a peaceful way.

However, out of responsibility, the Club must condemn any display of violence, whether verbal or physical. MCF wishes to express its rejection of the harassment, threats and acts of vandalism that occurred during and after the match between Málaga CF and UD Ibiza last Saturday (18:30). Initiatives that were undertaken by a small number of people who do not represent the majority of our fans in any way.

The Club understands the discomfort generated by the sporting results, but will not allow the imposition of terror through threats, some of them very serious, to be the way forward for the new project.

Law 19/2007 against violence, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance in sport is very clear in this regard, as well as the specific regulations of both LaLiga and the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

Allowing this type of scenario is imprudent and MCF will not incur it.

Once again, the Club wants to stress that these actions are not at all representative of the majority of our fans. Malaguismo has once again shown the commitment and love it feels for our colours in an exemplary way. A large number of our followers have shown their anger, but with respect and without violence.