Nacho: “The goal is to train the young lads to be in the first team in the future”

Coach of Málaga CF’s Juvenil ‘A’ team, Nacho Pérez Santamaría gave an interview to the Club’s official website. “We try to give players the tools to know what to do at all times”, he commented.


10/09/2019 19:53

An excellent start to the season, with two wins out of two matches in División de Honor juvenil Group IV for the Blue and Whites. “It’s always important to get off to a good start. Particularly against two good rivals such as Córdoba and Granada”, says Nacho, who believes his players “have to see as an opportunity” the current sporting situation within the Entity. “In my time there were also extensive squads, and they have to prove they are valid players”.

The ‘pichichi’ of the team, with three goals in two games, is a good example. “I knew him two seasons ago, when he was with us at San Félix. He’s the Mike I knew, he’s started well, scoring goals and working hard”, he added.

Juanma, his alter ego

He defines his special relationship with Juanma Gómez, second coach of the Juvenil DH as follows: “We’ve known each other for many years. We were together five years in Málaga B and later coincided at Levante and Betis. We’ve been together practically 11 years, more than half of a career. In addition, our families have always had a good relationship outside football. He told me he was coming to Málaga and I’m delighted he’s working with me. He’s a football man, very prepared and he’s doing very well”.


“We’re in a highly demanding category, one step away from professional football. I tell my players to look at the examples of Ismael, Ramón, Quintana and Hugo, who two years ago were where they are now. They need to perform well in order to climb that step up to the reserve team”, says Nacho, whose style of play resembles that of the first and second Malaguista teams.

“We’re all moving in the same direction. We try to give players the tools to know what to do at all times and offer them alternatives to play. The goal is to train the young lads to be in the first team in the future”, says the young Malagueño coach.

Talking about... La Academia

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MCF Academy match schedule

An unusual weekend in terms of Malagueño’s schedule, with the team in action this Sunday at 16:00 at the Federación. Nacho’s Juvenil ‘A’, meanwhile, are playing two games in just four days.