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All square in Jumilla for Atlético Malagueño and victory for the División de Honor against Calavera CF, during a weekend with good results for Málaga CF’s grassroots teams.


10/03/2019 20:46

Atlético Malagueño

The Blue and Whites reserve team clinched a goalless draw away to FC Jumilla in a game of two very different halves. In the first half, there were barely any approaches and the keepers didn’t make any notable interventions. In contrast, in the second half both sides eagerly went in search of a goal, which was when the goalkeepers stood out, with both proving to be unbeatable.

Juvenil DH

Another victory for Francis Bravo’s boys thanks to goals from Julio, César and Vicario away to Calavera CF. With these three points, Málaga CF’s Juvenil 'A' team scores 61 points and is in fourth place in the standings.



Second Division B - Group IV

FC Jumilla 0 - 0 Atlético Malagueño

Juvenil - División de Honor

Calavera CF 1 - 3 Málaga CF

Juvenil - Liga Nacional

CD Santa Fe 1 - 2 Málaga CF

Cadete - División de Honor

Málaga CF 2 - 1 Pto. Malagueño

1ª Infantil

Málaga CF 1 - 0 Pto. Malagueño

2ª Infantil

UD La Mosca 2 - 1 Málaga CF



2ª Alevín

Málaga CF 5 - 3 Pto. Malagueño

3ª Alevín A

CD Carlinda 0 - 6 Málaga CF  

3ª Alevín B

Atco. Benamiel 1 - 7 Málaga CF

3ª Benjamín A

CD Carlinda 1 - 1 Málaga CF

3ª Benjamín B

CD El Palo 4 - 6 Málaga CF

3ª Prebenjamín

Málaga CF 11 - 0 CDF Romeral


Women’s football

2ª División Femenina

CD Híspalis 0 - 4 Málaga CFF

4ª Cadete

CD La Unidad 1 - 0 Málaga CFF

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13/08/2019 11:10 | Málaga CF Womens

Four pre-season clashes for Femenino coming up

The Malaguista squad will take part in a triangular tournament against CD Rincón de la Victoria and three friendlies against Real Betis, Sevilla FC and Cádiz CF Femenino before the regular phase of the league competition gets underway.