MCF Academy match schedule

Back to normal this weekend for Málaga CF’s youth teams. Atlético Malagueño kick off the second round of the competition on Sunday away to CDI San Fernando, whilst the Juvenil DH will host Cádiz CF on the same day.


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Second Division B - Group IV

CDI San Fernando - Atlético Malagueño (Iberoamericano 2010)

Sunday 13, 17:00

Juvenil - División de Honor

Málaga CF – Cádiz CF (Viso)

Sunday 13, 13:00

Juvenil - Liga Nacional

Málaga CF - Dos Hermanas SA (Virreina)

Sunday 13, 16:00

Cadete - División de Honor

Málaga CF – Balón de Cádiz (Virreina)

Sunday 13, 13:30

1ª Infantil

Málaga CF – UD Pavía (Virreina)

Sunday 13, 18:00

2ª Infantil

Málaga CF – Roma Luz CF (Virreina)

Sunday 13, 20:00



2ª Alevín

CD Tiro Pichón - Málaga CF (Tiro Pichón)

Friday 11, 17:00

3ª Alevín A

Málaga CF – CD Pto. De la Torre (Los Prados)

Friday 11, 18:30

3ª Alevín B

Málaga CF – CD Torremoya (Los Prados)

Friday 11, 17:00

2ª Benjamín

CD Lauro - Málaga CF (El Pinar)

Friday 11, 18:45

3ª Benjamín A

Málaga CF – CD Pto. De la Torre (Roma Luz)

Saturday 12, 10:00

3ª Benjamín B

Málaga CF – CDF Romeral (Roma Luz)

Saturday 12, 11:15

3ª Prebenjamín

Málaga CF – CD Guadalmar (Guadaljaire)

Friday 11, 18:00


Women’s football

2ª División Femenina

San Miguel ‘A’ - Málaga CFF (Daniel García Mauricio)

Sunday 13, 12:30

4ª Cadete

Atco. Portada Alta - Málaga CFF (José Gallardo)

Saturday 12, 12:00

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MCF Academy match schedule

An exciting provincial derby is coming up this weekend between Atlético Malagueño and Marbella FC (Sunday, 12:00, Federación). Meanwhile, the Juvenil DH are away to Séneca on Saturday at 16:30.

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Match calendar of MCFF internationals

Arantxa Medina, Dominika and Armisa Kûc have been called-up by their national teams during the upcoming league break. The latter two will come up against each other on Monday 21st January.