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Press conference

Manu Molina: “The team is united”

The Blue and White midfielder appeared in the press room after facing AD Ceuta FC: “We are convinced of what we do, as long as there are points everything is possible,” he confirmed.

Believed until the end

“We had the first half under control and on their first arrival they scored the goal. We reacted well and Juande scored. The team believed until the end, they wanted the victory and it was time to continue. There are seven matches left, we have to fight for whatever we have. The team gave everything and today nothing can be reproached. Now let's think about the Atlético de Madrid B game that we have to win.”

United dressing room

“We have to continue along the path. The team has had two very good months, nine games without losing. Those at the top push and make you have to win. We’re convinced of what we do, as long as there are points anything is possible. If we don't go straight up, there's the playoff. I see the team united and clear regarding our objectives. In the first half we controlled, the second was more back and forth. We had chances against a rival that has just come from five games.”

Seven matches remaining

“There are still seven games left. We all like to win and even more so at home. We are not happy for not having won. There's no need to make such a big deal of it, the team played a very good game and dominated a good Ceuta. We have corrected quite a few things and have to continue doing so. We are convinced of the objective within the Club. We would like to have given the victory to the fans, who filled the stadium and couldn’t go home happy.”

120th anniversary kit

“We have two sets of clothes and we’re taking them home. It was our turn to experience this anniversary, I loved the Club's initiative and the shirt is lovely.”