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Malagueño unable to break the Antequera defence (0-0)

Atlético Malagueño faced Antequera C.F. in the 34th match in Group IX of the Third Division, held in El Maulí this afternoon, Saturday 24th March. The Málaga side couldn’t overcome the fierce defending by the home side throughout the match.

The Blues and Whites dominated the match, especially on the attack, with continuous game play and goal chances.  In the first half, Jaime Molina’s team had their best chances to score, but failure to get a goal increased the home side’s defence.  The Málaga outfit had further chances to score in the second half, but the strong Antequera defence prevented the leader board from changing.  The local team also had a chance to create danger for Pol, but together with their attacking display, and the visitor’s unable to get through Antequera’s defence, the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

Match statistics:
Antequera C.F.: Vicente, Iván, Lue, López, Richard, Cristóbal, Ismael, Hugo, Miguel, Ruiz and Christian.
Also played: Cala, Fran and Chato.

Atlético Malagueño: Pol, Julián, Tapia, Omar, Diego, Poley, Adrián, Samuel, Juanfri, Toni and Marco.
Also played: Cala, Óscar and Borja.


Javier Mañas Larrubia

The 34th match of Group IX in the Third Division, held in El Maulí in Antequera.