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Málaga CF official statement

Dear fans, we are going through the hardest times Malaguismo can experience. We know the deep pain and anger that our fans feel, and this reality is devastating for the Entity.

The signs of love and commitment shown by Malaguismo towards their team are incredible. Not being able to return that feeling in the form of results is heart-breaking.

The fans are the most important asset a football club can have and MCF is extremely lucky to have supporters like this. This affirmation responds to tangible acts, such as the presence of more than 500 Malaguistas in Villarreal, Lugo and Ponferrada, or making La Rosaleda the stadium with the highest attendance in the category despite the agonising qualifying situation.

The Entity understands the discomfort generated and shares the unbearable pain. We only have words of gratitude and apology, although we know they will never be enough.

In the same way, we also want to clarify mistaken information published by Diario SUR yesterday, Monday on its digital platform and today in physical format. In an article, the newspaper states that “Málaga CF requests a police escort on its return due to fear of criticism from its fans.” The Entity limits itself to informing the authorities of the team's travel plan on each trip. The police undertake the preventive operation that they deem appropriate. Málaga CF never makes this decision.

This specification was made to the newspaper via the usual communication channels, requiring the correction of the information. However, this request did not have any effect. This has driven the Club to request the rectification through the appropriate legal channels.

Málaga CF are aware of the deep discomfort that this causes among the fans and understands their anger. However, we cannot believe that in a situation as delicate as this, erroneous information continues to be published despite the Club's insistence on its correct verification.

Malaguismo is key to the future of the Entity. The relationship with the Club is already sufficiently damaged by the sporting situation, but it is not acceptable for it to become even gloomier due to erroneous information. Football is all about the fans. There are three matches left and the chances of staying up are slim, but the commitment is to compete with honour until the end of the season. For the shield, for the fans, for Málaga.