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Press conference

Luis Muñoz: “Sticking together is the most important thing”

The Blue and White midfielder was part of Málaga CF’s victory against CD Leganés and spoke to MCFTV after the game. “We believe we can do it; by sticking together we’ll get out of this situation,” he said.

Luis Muñoz has had an impact on the team's dynamics in recent weeks: “We’ve been training very well. We’ve given our all these last few weeks, which we saw today. The team fought hard during the 90 minutes, we want to thank the fans, who are always behind us. We believed from the outset that we could do it, we were ready to fight. We’ll all get out of this situation together,” said the Malagueño midfielder.

The team faced the game from a very difficult place in the standings and at a great distance from the rest of the teams in the lower part of the table. “We had quite a few points difference and today we achieved a great victory. We haven't lost for three weeks, we've been playing very well at home, and I hope everything continues like this,” he commented. In addition, Luis wanted to send a message of optimism for the remainder of the competition: “We are going to fight 100 percent for every minute of hope that we have left, and we’re going to hold on to it.”

He started the game on the bench, but his entry in the second half along with Chavarría was key to making the difference and winning the match. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity to show the union within the dressing room, which is key to achieving the objective: “I’ve felt very comfortable, with this team everything is much easier because the people are united. Sticking together is the most important thing.”