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Press conference

Loren: “The cornerstone will be The Academy”

The Club's new sporting director was officially presented this Thursday in the 'Juan Cortés' press room at La Rosaleda. “It's the biggest challenge I've ever had,” he stressed.

Kike Pérez, Málaga CF’s general manager accompanied Loren Juarros in his appearance before the media. “For me it’s a great day, a day on which we lay the first stone of Málaga 23/24 and of the following seasons,” said the manager from Vitoria.

“From the outset, Kike and José María have given me great strength. The club needs to turn around and they believe that the person to do it is me. We have the same idea, that of being a club focused on homegrown players and good performance,” Loren initially commented.

The Burgos-born director considers that “the club needs complete communication from the foundation. And within that process everything must be clear up until the first team. A methodology that matches the style of play and the player we want to train.” His model is based on “competing with young people, from The Academy, completed with people of experience.” Regarding Pellicer, “my idea is for him to continue. I’ve had a conversation with him, and he’s someone who has earned his right to continue with us in this new project. He knows how to work with young people, and he has a contract,” he stated.

“In principle, I’ve arrived alone. The important thing is to have people who believe in what we’re going to work on, the new club model, and not have doubts about that. I'm very confident, but it's going to be tough. I need people totally involved, giving their time, soul, and who are able to make complicated decisions at times, and we will see who can enter this process,” added Loren. “The cornerstone will be The Academy. Málaga and the people of Málaga, footballers from Málaga. And a child who is playing in Málaga can think that they’ll be able to play in Málaga,” he continued.

The challenge of the former Real man is huge. “Now I'm taking on Málaga in a lower division and yes, it's the biggest challenge I've ever had.” In relation to the first team’s current situation, he says that “obviously the team has lacked certain things. The same thing happened in previous years, having several coaches or changing players. You saw a team that was not very defined, except for the last phase, since Sergio (Pellicer) arrived, who organised the squad and that helped the team a great deal.”

Loren believes that “nothing can be asked of the fans. They have shown they’re fully behind the team, especially this season. We have the social mass there. There is going to be a change and we need their help, even more than before,” he said. “The first thing is to solve the club’s problems. Analyse the squad, the players… and look inside before looking outside, to determine the number of players we must bring in from outside,” he underlined.

Loren wishes to “achieve the objective knowing the need for the club to move up as soon as possible,” basing his commitment on homegrown talent: “In Malaga and Andalucía there’s a lot of talent, with special connotations that must be worked on. The families also must be convinced that their children are trained as footballers in Málaga, and that any boy from Málaga can reach professional football.” Although, he went on to add that “these things take time. We can’t rush, as that would be the biggest mistake we could make. The higher up you are, the more level you need. Hopefully we’ll talk about that when we get to these levels. We’ll work with the clubs in the province so that any talent from here stays in Málaga,” he continued.

In regard to the financial aspect, linked to his role “there are limits,” says Loren. “We have to work with it, living with it is reality, and we’ve accepted it. I will work within the limits I have and base my work on my values and principles. I’m going to represent the club with values that I know are very high,” he reflected.

As for the players on loan this season, “they are club players, from here, and that is where we want to go. We'll talk to the coach too. They have had experience and are very valid.” He concluded, without mentioning any names, by saying: “I don't have any players in advance. I'm not worried, we have time.”

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