List of 18 called-up players for #RealZaragozaMálaga

Earlier today Muñiz announced the called-up players for #RealZaragozaMálaga kicking off tomorrow (18:00, La Romareda).


12/01/2019 15:49

The line-up of Málaga CF players (18) is made up of the following: Munir, Diego Glez., Pau, Lacen, Adrián, Blanco Leschuk, Juanpi, R. Santos, Cifuentes, F. Ricca, Lombán, A. N’Diaye, Pacheco, Kieszek, Iván R., Harper, Keidi and Hugo.

In regard to the previous match against CF Reus, in which Muñiz called-up 19 players, Boulahroud and Héctor are out of the line-up, whilst Keidi is in.

Talking about... Keidi Bare, Hugo

11/06/2019 12:33 | List of called-up players

Six new faces on the list for A Coruña

Víctor Sánchez del Amo has announced the 20 called-up players for the match against RC Deportivo de la Coruña. Pau, Adrián, Blanco Leschuk, Werner, Erik Morán and Keidi Bare are new to the line-up.

01/06/2019 13:31 | List of called-up players

Five new additions to line-up against Albacete

Víctor Sánchez del Amo announced the list of called-up players on Saturday for #AlbaceteMálaga. Diego González, Werner and homegrown players Iván Rodríguez, Hicham and Keidi are all on the list.