La Academia MCF schedule

A long run ahead awaits the La Aademia teams, who begin to compete this Tuesday. Malagueño will play this Sunday against Badajoz (12 noon) at the Federación Malagueña.


04/12/2018 18:09


Second Division B - Grupo IV

Atlético Malagueño - CD Badajoz (Federación Malagueña)

Sunday 9, 12:00

Juvenil - División de Honor

Málaga CF - Granada CF (Francisco Romero)

Thursday 6, 16:00

Málaga CF - Rusadir CF (Francisco Romero)

Saturday 8, 12:00

Juvenil - Liga Nacional

Málaga CF - Deportivo Linares (Virreina)

Sunday 9, 13:30

Cadete - División de Honor

Málaga CF - CD Altair (Virreina)

Sunday 9, 16:00

1ª Infantil

Málaga CF - Ciudad de Granada (Virreina)

Sunday 9, 18:00

2ª Infantil

Málaga CF - UD San Pedro (Virreina)

Tuesday 4, 18:30



2ª Alevín

CD Mijas Las Lagunas - Málaga CF (Las Lagunas)

Wednesday 5, 18:00

3ª Alevín A

Málaga CF - CD Rincón  (Los Prados)

Friday 7, 17:30

3ª Alevín B

Málaga CF - Ronda UD (Los Prados)

Friday 7, 19:0

2ª Benjamín

UD Mortadelo - Málaga CF (Mortadelo)

Thursday 6, 11:05

3ª Benjamín A

Málaga CF - CD La Unidad (Roma Luz)

Saturday 8, 10:00

3ª Benjamín B

Málaga CF - Estepona FB CD (Roma Luz)

Saturday 8, 11:15

3ª Prebenjamín

AD Malaka CF - Málaga CF (Malaka)

Saturday 8, 12:00



2ª División Femenina

Málaga CFF - Pozoalbense (Carlinda)

Sunday 9, 13:00

4ª Cadete

AD Malaka CF - Málaga CFF (Malaka)

Saturday 8, 13:30

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MCF Academy match results

A weekend of excellent results for the Blue and White youth teams, although neither Atlético Malagueño nor Juvenil División de Honor were able to clinch victory.

16/12/2018 14:51 | Málaga CF Womens

A golden point to continue to grow (1-1)

Málaga CF Femenino drew 1-1 with Fundación Albacete Femenino thanks to an Olympic goal from Leti. The Malaguistas have moved up a place in the standings, now in 12th place with 14 points.