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Kameni: “It’s a day of great happiness for me”

Cameroonian goalkeeper, Carlos Kameni held a press conference today at La Rosaleda, making his renewal with Málaga CF until 2019/20 official.

In attendance at the press conference were Club advisers, Francisco Martín Aguilar, Abdullah Ben Barek and Antonio Benítez, as well as sports director, Francesc Arnau: “Carlos is going to provide performance, and as a man of the Club, he’ll help us to grow.  As a goalkeeper, he’s always helped us to gain points, something which has always been in his favour.  It’s the great value he has as a footballer,” says the Girona-born director.

Statements | Carlos Kameni

(Renewal) “In this life you cannot anticipate what will happen tomorrow, only God knows, but we try to plan and achieve things.  When I arrived I wanted to enjoy the passion I have for playing football.  I spent two and a half years working in silence knowing that this work would bear fruit, and today Málaga has given me the opportunity to continue for many years to come.”

(Personal) “My main priority has been my family’s happiness - this is the most important thing.  I have had a special relationship with Arnau since my arrival, so it was very easy to talk to him.  I don’t want to play big games and then disappear during matches.  Winning is important to me, not showing off.  We have high quality players and I knew we’d enjoy ourselves as we’ve been working hard.”

(Happiness) “Each day I achieve something positive is a happy day.  Today, with my renewal, I’m even happier as I’ve achieved something great for my family, the Club and the fans who encourage and support us.  The family in my home country are very pleased for my contract renewal, and thanks to God it’s a very happy day for me.  However, the job is not yet done.  I’m a winner, and I want to do more.”

(Confidence) “The fundamental job in goal is to convey confidence.  I only speak a little, I just give a look so they know ‘Charly’ is there.  This is what I want to convey – calm.  Even without playing in this team I felt loved, and that’s a rare thing.  God wanted me to stay and enjoy along with the fans.  I love it when they sing my name, it gives me wings to move forward.”

(Goal) “It’s Málaga’s goal, not Kameni’s.  With regards to Guille (Ochoa), we respect him and it’s the coach who decides who plays.  There’s a mutual respect for the good of Málaga.  My best time is yet to come.  Every day I go to training sessions to learn.

(Next rival) Villarreal are one of the best teams in LaLiga, so we know it’s not going to be easy.  However, we’re working hard in order to impose our style of football and come home with a positive result.  I hope we continue the same dynamic and delight our fans.”

Carlos Kameni | A renewal with 100 First Division victories

The African goalkeeper, following Málaga’s win against Getafe last Friday, reached 100 victories in the First Division of Spanish football (between RCD Espanyol and Málaga CF).

Victories with Málaga CF in the First Division (26)

- League debut and first victory with Málaga CF: RCD Espanyol 1-2 Málaga CF (25/03/2012)

- The 26 victories with Málaga CF by season: 4 (2011/2012), 14 (2014/2015) and 8 (2015/2016)

Victories with RCD Espanyol in the First Division (74)

League debut (with RCD Espanyol): RCD Espanyol 1-1 Deportivo de La Coruña (28/08/2004)