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Juankar back with the group on Víctor’s second day at the helm

Málaga CF returned to training this Tuesday morning at the Ciudad de Málaga stadium. The second session with Víctor Sánchez heading up the team, with the positive news of Juankar’s reincorporation into the team dynamic.

A long morning session in which, like yesterday, there was an extensive technical talk by new coach, Víctor Sánchez del Amo to his pupils before starting work on the pitch, based on a physical start followed by technical training using the ball.

The main news of the day was the return of Juankar, who was in training with his teammates, re-joining the group at a good pace. In regard to yesterday evening’s session, all the same available players were in training except the non-physically fit Pacheco, Brezancic and Koné, who remained in the gym to undergo recovery treatment.

Tomorrow, Wednesday from 10:30, another session is scheduled at the Ciudad de Málaga.