Incomplete comeback for Malagueño against Adarve (4-2)

A goal for Unión Adarve in minute 94 prevented the Malaguista reserve team from winning promotion to Second Division B. Kuki with two, Luis Muñoz and Wojcik scored the Malaguista goals.


24/06/2017 21:37

The Blue and Whites’ reserve team came out with the most momentum in the opening minutes of play. For their part, Unión Adarve had a clear objective; not allowing Manel Ruano’s team to impose their gameplay. In minute 6, the first dangerous approach was made by the Blue and Whites, resulting in a shot at goal by Maty that went high. Atlético Malagueño charged up their attack on the left wing, with Javi Jiménez and Mula at the forefront. In one of these runs on the left, the clearest chance for the Malaguistas was generated; a great assist from Javi Jiménez to Harper, however the striker was unable to convert before the keeper’s exit. Four minutes later, Harper tried his luck again from inside the small area. The reserve team players were giving their all. Again, Javi Jiménez reached the baseline to propel a superb shot. Wojcik didn’t connect well and the ball went too high. Malagueño subsequently launched a counter-strike following an Adarve attack. Wojcik started the run, but was stopped by Viti. The rival player was shown the yellow card. Three minutes later, in minute 34, the first goal of the game arrived. A superb right-footer from Kuki led to him netting the ball in Adarve’s goal (1-0). Olmedo and Álvaro Sánchez, as well as Iván Rodríguez, for the Malaguistas, were all shown the yellow card before half-time.

The second half got underway with clear dominance by the Blue and Whites. There were up to four opportunities in five minutes. Firstly, Mula with a long shot and, later, a triple occasion for Wojcik, Iván Rodríguez and Harper. All three came up against the Adarve goalkeeper, who saved his team from the goal line. Three minutes later, again Mula was unmarked in front of the rival keeper. However, the MCF Academy winger couldn’t overcome David. Adarve striker, Álvaro Sánchez enjoyed the best chance for his team to score, with a shot that sailed high. In the following gameplay, Adarve equalised. A penalty converted by striker Álvaro. Manel Ruano made some changes, bringing on David Ramos and Castillo in place of Iván Rodríguez and Ian Soler. In minute 69 arrived the 2-1; Kuki, with a majestic right-footer from outside the area. Atlético Malagueño were getting closer. The 3-1 came shortly afterwards. A handball led to a penalty, and it was the responsibility of Luis Muñoz. The Blue and Whites’ central defender scored goal number three from the penalty spot (73’). The comeback was near. Nine minutes later, in minute 82, the crowd at the Federación went wild. A cross from Javi Jiménez and an impeccable shot by Wojcik led to the 4-1 lead. Just when it looked as though it was all over, Atlético Malagueño scored an own goal (4-2). The dream of promotion vanished in the final minutes.

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La Academia results

Atlético Malagueño secured their first win in Second Division B at the home of Sevilla Atlético. The goals from Deco, Chica and Grasa were the scorers who got the three points for the Blue and Whites (2-3).

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It’s a full and interesting weekend ahead for Málaga CF’s teams. Atlético Malagueño will visit the Andalusian capital to take on Sevilla Atlético in what promises to be an interesting clash of the reserves.