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Grupo Dental Clinics to feature on the Málaga CF jersey

The Malagueña dental company becomes a new premium sponsor and will appear on the back of the collar of the official first team kit for one year.

Grupo Dental Clinics joins Málaga CF as a premium sponsor and the group of dental centres will feature on the collar of the first team's kits next year.

Established in Málaga, the company has 17 clinics that also extend throughout the provinces of Granada, Almería, Jaén and Cádiz. With a team of experienced and top-level dentists, as well as having the latest technology, Grupo Dental Clinics is a dental group of excellence with more than 70,000 patients and 7,500 reviews with a rating of 4.9/5.

Kike Pérez, Málaga CF’s general manager, welcomed Iván Fernández, CEO of Dental Clinics, at the Málaga CF offices to formalise the agreement and show him part of the facilities of what will also be his new home: La Rosaleda. “I could never imagine being here in my life. Your company being on the team's official shirt means that we are doing things well,” the CEO of Dental Clinics said to the club's media.

The Málaga dental centre has more than 10 years of experience in the sector. Iván Fernández, CEO of Dental Clinics, talked about the company and its origins: “Three friends started out 12 years ago in Málaga and now we are a big family and have expanded throughout Andalucía.”

Furthermore, Iván Fernández showed his pride in the union with Málaga CF: “We have always wanted to be linked to sport, this agreement is a source of pride for us.”

Welcome Grupo Dental Clinics!