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Atlético Malagueño

Goalless draw to be decided at home (0-0)

Atlético Malagueño clinched an away draw against Peña Deportiva de Ibiza, in the first leg of the second #PromotionPlayOff tie to Second Division B.

A less than colourful match in which defence took precedence over attack both in the first and second half. Fouls by the local team and the continual interruptions marked a first half in which the best resource of the Balearics-based rival were set pieces, with Pepe as the most dangerous element. David Ramos, with a long shot in 21’, and a zig zag by Ontiveros in minute 27 near the area, were the best approaches for the reserve team.

Aarón was unruffled in the few chances he was forced to make an intervention, particularly with a double save just before half-time. In the second half, the character of the game didn’t alter too much. Peña Deportiva, well-positioned at the back with five defenders, impeded Malagueño’s usual combinative style. Iván Rodríguez and Javi Jiménez, from the wings, attempted to reach the by-line but without success. There were no spaces being created on the pitch and the synthetic turf didn’t help the control and technical play.

In the final stage of the game, the Ibiza-based rival pushed harder, and Terán in minute 84 generated the most promising opportunity with a shot that hit the crossbar of the Malaguista goal. The match ended in a goalless draw, meaning Malagueño must win in next week’s return leg at home.


Match stats: Peña Deportiva 0 – At. Malagueño 0

Peña Deportiva: Torres; Moreno, Rubén, Pau, Navarro, Javi; Arcas, Pando, Pepe; Piquero (Winde 76’) and Ortiz (Terán 62’).

Atlético Malagueño: Aarón; Iván Rodríguez, Ian Soler, Gabri, Javi Jiménez; David Ramos, Arturo (Maty 67’), José Carlos; Kuki Zalazar (Santi 79’), Ontiveros and Wójcik (Harper 82’).

Goals: None

Referee: Sanchis Cambra, Enrique (‘Comité valenciano’). Yellow cards were shown to local players, Javi, Moreno, Pepe and Winde; and Malaguistas, Aarón, Gabri, Arturo, Wójcik and Ontiveros.

Information: Santa Eulalia Municipal Ground (Ibiza), in front of around 300 spectators. The first leg of the second promotion play-off to second Division B. Blue and Whites’ players, Camacho, Jony, Keko and Luis Hernández were supporting the team from the stands.