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Málaga CF Foundation

Give your Blue and White blood!

On Wednesday 17th April, La Rosaleda will host the MCF Foundation’s blood donation campaign in collaboration with the Regional Transfusion Centre. The first 500 donors will receive a ticket for #MálagaRealMurcia on Sunday 21st (12:00).

Málaga CF and its Foundation, in collaboration with the Málaga Tissue and Cell Transfusion Centre, are organising their traditional blood and bone marrow drive. With the figure of Pablo Ráez very present, this initiative aims to supply our community with the blood resources necessary to meet hospital demands.

Sebastián Fernández Reyes 'Basti', from the MCF Foundation’s Social Department, and Emilio Alfonso Martínez, medical coordinator of the Tissue and Cell Transfusion Centre, presented this season's blood and marrow drive, which will take place on Wednesday 17th April at La Rosaleda from 09:00 until 19:00.

The first 500 Malaguista donors will receive a ticket for the next match at La Rosaleda, corresponding to Primera Federación matchday 32, which will be held on Sunday 21st April at 12:00 against Real Murcia CF.

The event will be attended by professionals from the Transfusion Centre to provide interested parties with the opportunity for more information and to register as bone marrow donors. In addition, Emilio Alfonso has set the requirements to be able to become a donor: “Be between 18 and 65 years old, weigh more than 50 kilos, not have any chronic illness or have suffered from an infectious disease and, if you have had a tattoo, four months in quarantine.”

The Blood Transfusion Centre, in charge of supplying blood to all hospitals in the province, highlights the need to maintain a constant supply for the approximately 175 daily interventions that require transfusions. With a growing demand for blood products and the need for approximately 250 donations a day, citizen collaboration is essential, since blood cannot be manufactured, it is obtained only from voluntary donors.

Like football, blood donation is a team game. On the pitch, every player counts; Off the pitch, each donor makes a difference. In these moments where citizen collaboration is crucial, let us show our strength and unity not only in the stands, but also in the lives of those who need a transfusion.

See you at La Rosaleda, Malaguistas!