Press Conferences

Genaro: “It was the worst second half of the season”

The Málaga CF captain was one of the players who spoke in the Álvarez Claro mixed zone. “I apologise to the fans, we thank them for their support and next week we have another battle at La Rosaleda,” he said.

Match review

“In the first half we did a good job, carrying out what we worked on during the week. We had arrivals and they barely touched us, with a little more play than in the second. In the second half we got a little behind and didn't do the same as in the first. They had more arrivals and we were penalised by the other football that we knew we would find here. We also knew that the game was going to be decided on a set piece, and that's how it turned out in their favour.”

Change after half-time

“It could have been due to the match situation. We have to try to continue doing the work we’ve been doing, no matter the ground or the rival, it’s our way of respecting the opponent.”

Not adapting to the ground

“I agree that it was the worst second half. Nothing worked for us, we didn't triangulate, we looked for a lot of long balls when we had to propose our gameplay. The pitch wasn’t suitable for playing from behind as we have been doing, the game required another form and that is what we should have done for it to be a good second half.”


“The points are what they are, we have to continue doing our thing and not look beyond that. We have to be realistic and move forward.”

Message to the fans

“We are the first ones who don't like to lose, even in training. We apologise to them, as they made such an effort to come to Melilla. Thank you for always being there and next week we have another battle at La Rosaleda with Recre, which is also going to be an important match.”

Future commitments

“All games are key from here on in. We have 15 finals left that must be faced as such. We need to go out and play our game, respecting the opponent and each player needs to give a little more, me being the first.”