Five new additions to line-up against Albacete

Víctor Sánchez del Amo announced the list of called-up players on Saturday for #AlbaceteMálaga. Diego González, Werner and homegrown players Iván Rodríguez, Hicham and Keidi are all on the list.


01/06/2019 13:31

The called-up Málaga CF players (19) are: Munir, Diego Glez., Luis Hernández, Pau, Adrián, Blanco Leschuk, Cifuentes, Werner, Boulahroud, F. Ricca, Ontiveros, A. N’Diaye, Pacheco, M. Koné, Kieszek, Mula, Iván R., Hicham and K. Bare.

In regard to the Madrid-born coach’s previous line-up, at home last weekend against Real Zaragoza, Juankar, Iván Alejo, Renato Santos and David Lombán are absent.

Talking about... Keidi Bare, Diego González, Iván Jaime, Hicham

13/09/2019 13:47 | List of called-up players

Various new faces in the line-up against CD Mirandés

The Blue and White list of called-up players for #MirandésMálaga sees the debut of new signings Benkhemassa and Lorenzo. International players, Munir, Mikel, Juanpi and Keidi are back, as well as reserve team player Hicham and juvenil goalkeeper, Adrián Quintela.

11/09/2019 19:32 | First team

Latest international fixtures

Keidi, Munir, Mikel and Juanpi, as well as homegrown players Hicham and Abqar, bid farewell to their respective national teams and return to the Costa del Sol capital.