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Final training session of the week at La Rosaleda stadium

Málaga CF resumed training this Sunday morning at La Rosaleda. Adrián and Iván Alejo were integrated with the group under the orders of coach Juan Ramón Muñiz.

On this sunny morning, following the usual warm-up and various exercises with the ball in groups, set pieces and strategy took centre stage on the main pitch at Martiricos.

Goalkeepers Werner, Kieszek, Munir and Cengo (without ‘ficha’), plus 12 players, including juvenil Hugo and reserve team members Iván R., Harper and Keidi Bare took part in the final session of the week. Adrián and Iván Alejo were integrated with the group.

Out of the team dynamic continuing with their respective recoveries were injured Lacen, Juankar, Miguel Torres, Pacheco and Koné.

Tomorrow, Monday at 11:45, an activation training session will take place at La Rosaleda’s facilities. The Blue and White called-up players will then be announced for #MálagaOsasuna.