Defeat for women’s team in tough match against Santa Teresa (2-1)

María Ruiz opened the scoring for the Malaguistas, but Belén Martínez and Estefanía Lima led the side from Badajoz to victory in Málaga CF Femenino’s league debut.


08/09/2019 14:16

Málaga CF Femenino suffered a 2-1 defeat by LiberBank Santa Teresa de Badajoz in the first Liga Reto Iberdrola game of the season. The goal from María Ruiz for the Blue and Whites put the visitors in the lead in 14', but subsequent goals from Belén Martínez and Estefanía Lima resulted in a win for the home side.

A top-level game at Santa Teresa, shown by both sides in the initial stages of play. A shot to the post by the locals raised the alarm for the Malagueñas, who continued to dominate possession despite direct shots at the target from the home side. Carol came close to an opener, but the ball escaped from her. It wasn’t until 14’ when Málaga took a step forward. Encarni gained speed on the left wing, arrived at the rival area, assisted Carol, but the Galician player let it pass to María Ruiz who sent the ball straight into the back of Aguirre’s net (0-1). José Herrera’s girls maintained their attack, but Santa Teresa advanced their lines and went level with a goal from Belén Martínez. The first substitution of the match came from the Blue and White bench in 36’. Galician forward Carolina was forced to abandon play after sustaining a blow to the eyebrow. Cintia came on in her place. Santa Teresa attempted to take a 2-1 lead but came up against Noelia Gil. At half-time the scoreboard remained all square.

The second half kicked off with Edna on the pitch in place of Judi. The Nigerian player made a dangerous approach to the rival area no sooner had play resumed, but Santa Teresa managed to take the lead with a powerful shot from Estefanía Lima to go 2-1 up in 57’.

The Blue and Whites tried to even the score against the solid defence from the Badajoz side. Edna had several chances, the most promising in 78’, but the referee signalled the play was offside. A minute later, Arantxa was sent off for a minor foul in midfield, leaving the Malaguistas a player down. However, María Ruiz was at the point of going level in 89’ but the ball didn’t reach the net and the Malaguistas suffered defeat.


Match stats:

2 - LiberBank Santa Teresa Badajoz: Aguiire, Parralejo, López, Gómez, Lima ©, Martínez, García, Neira, Pinilla, Ayuso and Carola García – starting 11 - Eva López, Ibález, Rovirola, Madden, Cuello, Jaén and Zafra.

1 - Málaga CF Femenino: Noelia Gil, Postigo, Encarni, María Ruiz, Judi (Edna, 45’), Carol Glez. (Cintia, 36’), Adriana, Pamela ©, Ana Buceta, Clo and Olmedo -starting 11 - Lucía, Farfán, Arantxa, Cintia, Edna, Marina and Yoli.

Goals: 0-1 (María Ruiz, 14’); 1-1 (Belén Martínez, 31’); 2-1 (Estefanía Lima, 57).

Referee: Manuel García, Oscar Jiménez and Sara Gil (Comité extremeño).

Information: Matchday 1 of Liga Reto Iberdrola held at IDM El Vivero in Badajoz.

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