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David Ferreiro: “The team is improving”

The Malaguista midfielder, who made his debut as a scorer today, appeared in the mixed zone. “I'm happy with how the game went and the dynamic we had,” he said.”

Happy with the job done

“Happy for the team. On a difficult pitch we took the game forward, the first minutes were very good as was the first half. We scored two goals quickly and had the game under control.”

Team’s current level

“We are in a good dynamic, it’s down to working hard every day. We work to play games like this and put pressure on those above, which is our goal, and the team is improving. The best is yet to come, and we are convinced that we can do something great.”

Scored the 0-3

“It was getting a little complicated, they had a penalty that could put them in the game. That goal gave us peace of mind heading into the final minutes. Happy for the goal and helping my teammates.”


“I don't remember the last time I scored or how I celebrated it today. I'm happy with everything, how the game went, how we're working and the dynamic we're having. We hope to go further.”


“The teams pile the pressure on, everyone needs to score points and the second rounds are very difficult. The ground was very complicated, they play quite directly, they have very powerful people and we knew that we were going to suffer.”


“We’ve been working with very clear ideas of what we had to do in the first minutes, push and the team responded. We did very well, we had the chance to score the third earlier on. We had the match under control on a very difficult pitch, and we’re happy for the victory.”

Connection in midfield

“We are associative players, we like to exchange positions and look for free spaces. We are happy with how we’re playing, our teammates are also pushing and there will be minutes for everyone. The important thing is to make a good team and for everyone to do their bit.”

High morale

“We are very confident, we come from two important victories and we have the Ibiza match marked on the calendar, it’s very important. We have to prepare it well during the week and give our all at home to give joy to our fans.”

Long way to go

“If you win you put more pressure on but there are a lot of points at stake. The teams below are pushing and everyone wants to get points. We have to rely on ourselves, this is the most important thing, go match by match, get the three points and continue putting pressure on the rivals.”

Photo: Javier Díaz