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Dani Lorenzo: “I want to give my best version and help the team”

The Malaguista midfielder appeared after the victory against Atlético de Madrid 'B' on Primera Federación matchday 32. “We needed this win. We want to do the same next week,” he said.

The three points above all

“I’m very happy. Above all, because the pass could have given us the goal that gave us the three points. We needed this win. We want to do the same next week.”

A difficult rival

“We suffered a lot. They are a very good team. They have a lot of energy and in the second half they were very fast. We didn’t show our best version, the team was a little more divided, unlike in the first half. That's football. There are times you are better and other times worse. The important thing is that we won. We’ll correct the things we did wrong by next week.”

The best version of the ‘22’

“I try to help the team. With goals and assists or whatever I can. I try to give my best version as much as I can and focus on that.”

With ambition for the final stretch

“The final stretch remains and we know that it’s very important, in the event of a playoff, to be as high up as possible. Above all, to arrive with those feelings that we are looking up and that in that last stretch we are ready to beat anyone. It’s a very important victory.”