Construction work gets underway at El Arraijanal

Bilba, the company in charge of the project, is undergoing the initial construction works, including the fencing and the implementation of construction supplies.


12/03/2018 14:11

Málaga-based building firm, Bilba began works today with the adaptation of the land for the implementation of the works and the perimeter fencing. These are the initial steps taken at the start of all construction work.

Over the next few days the fencing will be completed, and the relevant work huts will be installed, as well as changing rooms and toilet facilities for the workers, and the necessary provisional water and electric supply for the correct execution of the works.

The machines are already present at Arraijanal, as the construction of the MCF Academy begins to take shape.

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Talking about... La Academia

09/12/2018 21:43 | Atlético Malagueño / La Academia / Málaga CF Womens

MCF Academy results

The holiday period was packed full of matches for the MCF Academy. It was all square for Malagueño against Badajoz as the Blue and Whites went level in the 90th minute, whilst the División de Honor played two games, won one and lost the other.

04/12/2018 18:09 | Atlético Malagueño / La Academia / Málaga CF Womens

La Academia MCF schedule

A long run ahead awaits the La Aademia teams, who begin to compete this Tuesday. Malagueño will play this Sunday against Badajoz (12 noon) at the Federación Malagueña.