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Atlético Malagueño

Atlético Malagueño to face UD Almería B

Malagueño will play the first round of the playoff for promotion to 2ª RFEF against UD Almería B. The first leg will take place at the Power Horse Stadium on Sunday 19 May. The return, at the Federación Malagueña on Sunday 26 May.

Atlético Malagueño will play in the promotion playoff for another season after having completed a great regular season, with a very young and solid team. The squad, led by Funes and Bravo, has finished in third position in Tercera Federación Group IX with 67 points, being the team with the fewest goals conceded (20).

Juventud de Torremolinos has been proclaimed champion of the group with 76 points, enjoying direct promotion to Segunda Federación, while Real Jaén CF, UD Almería B and UD Torre del Mar accompany the Malaguista team in the promotion playoffs.

Atlético Malagueño will play their tie against UD Almería B. The first match will be on Sunday 19 May at the Power Horse Stadium (12:00), while the second leg will take place at the Federación Malagueña ground on Sunday 26 May. May (19:00). Season ticket holders will be able to watch the match for free, presenting their ID card at the entrance, until capacity is reached. Admission to the general public will be priced at €5.

In the event of a tie after the end of regulation time in the second leg, the match would go to extra time. If at the end of said extra time the tie was maintained, Atlético Malagueño would qualify by having a better position in the regular phase of the championship. The winner of this tie will face Real Jaén CF or UD Torre del Mar in the second tie for promotion to Segunda Federación.

Lots of luck team!