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Árchez to star in Atlético Baleares clash

The Costa del Sol municipality features in the design by artist José Luis Puche, which will be on the captain’s armband on Sunday. Torre Alminar and the Sierras de Tejeda and Almijara that surround the town are the principal elements.

Málaga will host Atlético Baleares at La Rosaleda on Sunday 4th February at 12:00. For this Primera Federación matchday 22 fixture, Árchez is the municipality that is the protagonist of the Málaga CF initiative.

Árchez is a municipality located at the foot of the Sierras de Tejeda and Almijara, in the northwest of La Axarquía region. With an area of 5 km², it is the smallest town in the entire province in terms of area. It is located 52 km from the capital of the Costa del Sol and has an elevation of 530 meters above sea level, where 440 Archeros live.

The origin of this municipality appears to be unclear, but the layout of its streets, as well as its urban appearance, points to an Arab settlement. The Almohad presence in this territory is evident, making way for one of the icons of the municipality of Árchez: the Alminar Tower and the Church of Our Lady of the Encarnación. This was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument of the National Heritage in 1979 and has a height of 15 metres and an exterior made of Sebka cloth and tiles for a breathtaking image.

The charm that awaits this municipality goes beyond its Torre Alminar. A tour of its streets is enough to appreciate the beauty of this town, featuring a spectacular urban design of its roads and streets that make Árchez so welcoming.

Olive and vine crops are predominant in the area and cover the hills that surround the territory of Árchez. Almonds, mangoes and avocadoes are also grown here.

One of the main references of Árchez is the gastronomy that emanates from its inhabitants, who prepare delicacies such as ‘ajoblanco’ with ground almonds and peeled grapes or raisins. Although this is the star dish, the ‘migas de pan y harina’ and the ‘potaje de garbanzos con bacalao’ also stand out, not to mention the sweet treat of the ‘roscos de vino.’

Within his design of the captain’s armband, artist José Luis has fused the powerful and peculiar Minaret Tower of the Church of Our Lady of the Encarnation together with the natural terrain and the hills surrounding Árchez. These elements highlight the link between nature and origin that prevails in this charming Costa Sol municipality, the smallest in the province, but with immense beauty.