Álvaro Fdez and Cruz win gold at the Mediterranean Games

Spain’s Under-18s were proclaimed champions of the Mediterranean Games, held in Tarragona, with a win against Italy. The Malaguista goalkeeper was in the starting line-up of the grand final.


30/06/2018 14:26

Álvaro Fernández and Juan Cruz are gold medallists in the Mediterranean Games held in Tarragona on Saturday. Both players from The MCF Academy were proclaimed champions with ‘La Roja’ Under-18s after beating Italy by 3-2 in the grand final held at Municipal de Reus.

The tight final got off to a fast pace from the outset. Within the first minute of play, the referee disallowed a goal by Spanish captain, Abel Ruiz for being offside. Just five minutes later, Italy took the lead with a goal from Rauti (0-1, 5’).

Abel Ruiz managed to turn the result around with two goals in 26’ (1-1) and 58’ (2-1), however just before the final whistle, Italy’s Portanova went level following a corner (2-2). A draw looked on the cards, but in the closing seconds, Abel Ruiz again overcame the rival defence with a header into goal to net the 3-2 winner.

With this title, Juan Cruz and Álvaro Fernández emulate Jesús Gámez, who being a homegrown Malaguista, won the same competition in 2005 in Almería with Spain’s Under-21s.

Congratulations, champions!

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