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Atlético Malagueño

Academy schedule

Various teams within Málaga CF’s youth ranks will bid farewell to their 2016 competition on Thursday.

Atlético Malagueño

The Malaguista reserve team is away to CD Torredonjimeno on Thursday at 19:30, in the 20th Third Division Group IX game of the season.  Ruano’s boys (2nd place with 40 points) are seeking victory to kick off 2017 immersed in the fight for the top spot in the group (Antequera, 1st place with 43 points).

Juvenil A

Málaga CF will host Rusadir CF at the Málaga Federation Football ground at 11:00 (match day 20 in División de Honor Juvenil Group IV). Pellicer’s players hope to secure a win to maintain first place in the group to end the year (1st place with 43 points – Sevilla FC are 2nd with 41 points).



Third Division - Group IX

CD Torredonjimeno - Atlético Malagueño (Matías Prats)

Thursday 22, 19:30

Juvenil - División de Honor

Málaga CF - Rusadir CF (Federation)

Thursday 22, 11:00

Juvenil - Liga Nacional

Marbella CF 1-5 Málaga CF

Infantil – 1st Andaluza

Málaga CF - UD Almería (Virreina)

Thursday 22, 13:00

Infantil – 2nd Andaluza

Málaga CF - CD Rincón (Virreina)

Thursday 22, 17:00