Academy results

Four teams in the Malaguista youth ranks were chanting victory over the weekend. Atlético Malagueño, Juvenil DH, Infantil 'A' and 3rd Andaluza Alevín ‘A’ have all been proclaimed champions of their respective leagues.


10/04/2017 10:18

Atlético Malagueño

The Blue and Whites’ reserve team stepped on to the pitch on Sunday as Third Division Group IX champions. The draw between UD San Pedro and UD Almería ‘B’ on Saturday means second-placed Almería move a 13-point distance away from Ruano’s boys, with only 12 points left in play. CD Huétor Vega welcomed Malagueño with the usual celebratory tunnel before kick-off. The Malaguistas won by 3-0 (Mula, 18’, Santi, 36’ and Wójcik, 49').

Juvenil A

Málaga CF have been proclaimed Group IV División de Honor Juvenil champions on a thrilling day. Dely Valdés’ players lost by 4-1 against Real Betis, and Sevilla FC by 2-1 to Córdoba CF, meaning the top of the table didn’t change, and the MCF Academy side take away the title with a higher goal average than Sevilla.

Winning this title means Málaga CF qualifies for the Copa de Campeones, and will defend their title against the main juvenil teams in Spain.



Third Division - Group IX

Atlético Malagueño 3-0 CD Huétor Vega (Champions)

Juvenil - División de Honor

Real Betis Balompié 4-1 Málaga CF (Champions)

Infantil – 1st Andaluza

Málaga CF 2-1 Real Jaén (Champions)



3rd Andaluza Alevín ‘A’

Málaga CF 5-1 CD Puerto Malagueño (Champions)

3rd Andaluza Alevín ‘B’

Málaga CF 4-3 UD Fuengirola



4th Andaluza Cadete

UD Mortadelo 3-0 Málaga CF

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MCF Academy results

Defeat for Malagueño in yesterday’s intense provincial derby in Antequera, whilst the Juvenil ‘A’ debuted with a huge away win. In 7-a-side football, there were clear victories in the league debuts of the Alevines and Benjamines.