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A toss-up in the Andalucian infantil and cadete debut

This Friday, the malagueña teams will face Sevilla. At 10.00 hours the infantil teams followed by the cadets at 12.00 hours. Both encounters will take place in the Villafranca Municipal Stadium.

The Andalucian Provincial Teams Championship kicked of today with the infantil and cadete leaving a bittersweet taste for the malagueño teams. On one side the malagueña infantil team lost 4-3 to Córdoba in a game in which two goals were scored by blue and white malagueños Cheíto and Francis. The good news was that the malagueña cadete team edged ahead with a close 1-2 against their hosts, with malaguistas Victor and Samu, scoring the two goals that gave the victory to Francisco Guzmán’s team.