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Málaga CF Foundation

A Blue and White gymkhana

Málaga CF and the Foundation have once again demonstrated their commitment to the environment with the celebration of the ‘Polinizadores Blanquiazules’ gymkhana, within the #MalaguistasXNaturaleza initiative.

Málaga CF, in collaboration with PROAMB, maintain their commitment to the 'Malaguistas x Naturaleza' initiative, a campaign that includes various actions to leave a positive mark on our natural environment.

Under the slogan 'Together for a Blue and White Future', the exciting ‘Polinizadores Blanquiazules’ gymkhana was held at the IES La Rosaleda facilities. This day brought together students who had previously participated in the Malaguista Ecoclase activity and in the 'Blue and White Environmental Patrols' Plogging, in an event aimed at promoting climate awareness and teamwork.

During the gymkhana, the students faced 10 challenges related to different environmental aspects, such as water, energy, flora and fauna, noise and air. The start of the competition was marked by the assignment of initial points to each participating school, based on the amount of waste collected in the Plogging activity.

In a spirit of collaboration, the teams worked hard to pass each test and accumulate points. In the end, CEIP Antonio Gutiérrez Mata stood out as the winner of the activity, receiving tickets for the Málaga CF match next Sunday 5th May against AD Mérida as the prize, presented by Sebastián Fernández ‘Basti’, representative of the MCF Foundation.

The day was a great success, with the participation of 220 students from various schools. With this event, Málaga CF reaffirm their commitment to the environment and demonstrates that sport and nature can go hand in hand with a view to a more sustainable future.

Here’s to a Blue and White future!