19 players called-up to the first line-up of the year

Malaguista coach, Juan Ramón López Muñiz has announced the list of called-up players to host CF Reus on LaLiga 1|2|3 matchday 20. Juvenil player, Hugo debuts in a first team line-up.


06/01/2019 13:59

Málaga CF and the ‘Ganxet’ side will meet on Sunday in an unprecedented match, these two teams have never faced one another in official competition. For this historic match, kicking off at 20:00 on Sunday at La Rosaleda stadium, local coach Juan Ramón López Muñiz has called-up the following 19 players: Munir, Diego Glez. Pau Torres, Lacen, Adrián, Blanco Leschuk, Juanpi, R. Santos, Cifuentes, Boulahroud, Ricca, Lombán, Héctor, N´Diaye, Pacheco, Kieszek, Iván R., Harper and Hugo.

Alfred N’Diaye, Boulahroud and Iván are new to the line-up in regard to the previous list from LaLiga 1|2|3 matchday 19 against Real Oviedo. In addition, Juvenil player, Hugo makes his debut in a first team line-up.

What a gift from the Three Kings!

Talking about... Hugo, Boulahroud

14/12/2019 14:12 | List of called-up players

Julio and Miguel debut in the 19-player line-up

VSDA has announced the list of called-up players for #ExtremaduraMálaga. Boulahroud returns to the list, where the main new additions were reserve team striker, Julio and juvenil keeper, Miguel.