Vicente Casado: “The first reaction is that of injustice”

The Club’s General Manager analyses the first reaction following today’s decision: “Our immediate reaction is of indignation and a real sense of injustice. We’ve been fighting our corner with the team and the whole city behind us, and we failed. We literally feel driven out of the competition. The Club has been working tirelessly for a year in order to comply with Fair Play regulations, which was proven by the granting of the UEFA Licence. We haven’t had the full explanation as yet, but we don’t understand the basic reasoning behind the decision.”


11/06/2013 19:20

Málaga CF’s General Manager, Vicente Casado affirms: “This decision is a real blow to the Club, but our overall project doesn’t depend on the Europa League.  The owners are more committed than ever, and we’ll continue to be as successful as we can next season, keep fighting, and ensure we’re as strong as possible.”