Various new faces in the line-up against CD Mirandés

The Blue and White list of called-up players for #MirandésMálaga sees the debut of new signings Benkhemassa and Lorenzo. International players, Munir, Mikel, Juanpi and Keidi are back, as well as reserve team player Hicham and juvenil goalkeeper, Adrián Quintela.


13/09/2019 13:47

The list of called-up (19) Málaga CF players is the following: Munir, Diego Glez., Luis Hernández, Lombán, Boulahroud, Juankar, Adrián, Sadiku, Lorenzo, R. Santos, Cifuentes, Mikel, Juanpi, Benkhemassa, Hicham, Luis Muñoz, K. Bare, Kellyan and Adrián Quintela (39).

In regard to the previous line-up against UD Almería, absent this week are Rolón, Keko Gontán, reserve team goalkeeper Gonzalo and non-physically fit Pacheco and Hugo.

Talking about... Munir, Mikel, Keidi Bare, Juanpi, Benkhemassa, Lorenzo González, Hicham

14/10/2019 18:31 | First team

Epilogue of the MCF internationals between today and tomorrow

Lorenzo was in the starting line-up yesterday with the Switzerland Under-20s and Ramón had minutes on Monday with Spain’s Under-19s. Juanpi and Mikel’s Venezuela will be in action in the early hours of tomorrow morning, Keidi tonight and Munir tomorrow, Tuesday.

12/10/2019 10:48 | First team

Draw for Keidi in Turkey; no minutes for Munir

A new batch of international matches during the FIFA calendar with Malaguistas in action. Munir didn’t play with Morocco, whilst Keidi Bare was in the starting line-up in the last-minute defeat for Albania.