The MCF Academy: The best home to be a professional player

The Club is further committed to its youth ranks with a complete re-structuring focusing on the youngest players, communication with their parents and first-rate medical services for all teams. Manolo Gaspar and Sergio Paulo Barbosa ‘Duda’ are heading up the project.


03/06/2020 13:08

The future of Málaga CF lies in its youth ranks. The MCF Academy has always been one of the basic pillars in the Club’s stability. The Entity’s new sports department encompasses this. Manolo Gaspar, as head of this section, captains a priceless ship. Alongside him, Sergio Paulo Barbosa ‘Duda’, Academy director, make up a team of Malaguista directors whose principal objective is to improve all Blue and White players.

The new MCF Academy will be focused on three points: the training of the player with coach-teachers to help advance their professional career; communication with parents, crucial to know the progress of the youngest players; and finally, the most important part of this new project, first-class medical services for all teams, as well as Málaga CF Femenino, with the same infrastructure as the first team.

The future of Málaga CF is present and starts at grassroots level. Manolo Gaspar and Duda talk about these ideas to MCFTV. 

Family integration within Málaga CF

Manolo Gaspar

“The idea is that all the players, their families, the structure of the youth ranks, as well as the women’s teams, have the same opportunities and feel just as immersed in the project. The Club will put all means at their disposal”.

Sergio Paulo Barbosa ‘Duda’

“It’s not that the Málaga-Academy-Parents relationship has been neglected, but the parents have stood aside, and the representatives have taken over. The parents aren’t up to date and don’t know half of what’s going on in grassroots football. We want Málaga to be related with parents. We want to get involved in the day to day of our kids and their parents. It’s very important that we work with our players and communicate and inform their parents at each and every step, so they know what tomorrow will hold for them”.

First-class medical services

Sergio Paulo Barbosa ‘Duda’

“One of the best things that has been done, that José María Muñoz has carried out, is that The Academy’s medical team has the same infrastructure as the first team. This means that the first team, The Academy and Femenino, everyone, will have the same medical services, which is a big step forward in terms of sport”.

Coach-teacher training

Sergio Paulo Barbosa ‘Duda’

“The important thing for a young player is to reach the top and have the right education and training. They will then have more possibilities. This is an area that we’re reinforcing. It’s important to have coach-teachers”.

The Manolo-Duda duo

Manolo Gaspar

“The work is highly structured. Duda is heading up The Academy. Both José María and I have utmost confidence in him, and we have very good communication”.

“Duda is charismatic, he doesn’t speak much, but when he does, he makes himself heard. Because of his experience and his feeling towards the Club, we believe he is the person to take this project forward and I trust him implicitly, which is fundamental. We help each other”.

“Duda has gone from an idol to one of the best colleagues I’ve ever worked with”.

Sergio Paulo Barbosa ‘Duda’

“I’ve known Manolo for many years. We’re more than colleagues, we’re friends, and for three or four years we’ve been in the offices. I’d do anything for him and will help him with whatever he needs”.

The future within The Academy

Manolo Gaspar

“The idea is that we all row in the same direction, and that this is reflected in a new Málaga. Despite the latest restructuring news, now’s the time we’re laying good foundations in order to have peace of mind in the future. In regard to the youth ranks, we are improving in every aspect, so we can be calm about that”.

“The Clubs that have good youth teams, local talent, as we do, will be reinforced. Some really good generations are coming up, players with clear ideas, with a feeling of belonging, which means, little by little, they’ll reach the first team. This gives us peace of mind because we’ll have good resources. We cannot lose that, that’s one of our intentions, and Duda has a lot of work ahead of him. The future of Málaga lies in development and giving every possibility to local talent. This is something that families and players need to take into account, and we stay committed to talent within our city”.

Sergio Paulo Barbosa ‘Duda’

“We have a very high level within our youth ranks and we know that there are teams that want our players. I think that if there’s a place where a young player can continue to grow and go far in a short space of time, it’s Málaga. It’s the best home to be a professional player”.

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19/04/2021 10:39 | Atlético Malagueño / La Academia / Málaga CF Female

MCF Academy match results

Defeat for Malagueño and MCF Femenino over the weekend, whilst the Juvenil ‘A’ team secured a draw at home against Sevilla outfit Calavera. There was a full house of victories in 7-a-side football.

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MCF Academy match schedule

Atlético Malagueño and the Juvenil 'A' team will be in action on Sunday at 12:00. Javi Ramos will debut as Málaga Femenino coach, also on Sunday, at 10:00 in Cártama in a crucial match against Femarguín.