Thank you Weligton

The central defender renounces his federative place to free up a non-EU space, in agreement with the Club, and will continue within the discipline of the first team.


04/01/2017 22:50

Team captain, Weligton Robson Pena de Oliveira (26/08/1979, Fernandópolis, Brazil) one of the most important names in the history of the Club, has once again shown his Malaguismo to the highest degree. The central defender – plagued by an injury to his right knee since last September, and without a firm date for his return – has renounced his federative place to free up a non-EU space on the team.

Weligton has already made public his intention to be at the disposition of the Club, and within a common understanding with the entity, has reached this agreement that became effective today, following the incorporation of Adalberto Peñaranda.

The central defender will remain within the discipline of the Club, and will continue his recovery from injury along with his teammates.

Málaga CF wishes to thank one of the team captains and most iconic players on the team for his exemplary behaviour. An attitude of love for the colours and the Club where he arrived almost a decade ago, and where the doors will always be open, Thank you, Mariscal!

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