Santa Cruz: “I’m really happy to be staying here”

Paraguayan-born striker, Roque Santa Cruz, was officially presented as a team member this afternoon, following the signing of his renewal contract. He’s travelling to Bitburg later today alongside Camacho and Anderson, to join the others for pre-season training.


11/07/2013 14:32

During the press conference at La Rosaleda, Santa Cruz stated: “I’m really happy to be staying here, and grateful to the Club for everything they’ve done, it hasn’t been easy.  I really love this Club and the fans, and I’m sure we’ve got more amazing times to come.”

“I stand by the fact that although the Club’s long-term project may be different, there is still a great determination for growth and improvement.  The factor of family stability also came into my decision, I can leave my children in the same school and we’ve had a brilliant year…we’re very pleased,” affirms the striker, who is joining his team mates in Bitburg this evening.